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Software in image analysis


This study was realized in 2010. It is a confidential project and I am not allowed to enter into all the details. Then, the software presentation is small but here are some technical caractheristic:

This software is written in C/C++ and was develop with the native windows API (win32). This software was designed to have the best performance possible with an intuitive and easy to use GUI. This software is linked to the image processing library ImAnalyse.

Objectives :

General GUI

First step : detection of the center

Segmentation of the images

Segmentation of the second type of images

Interactive segmentation of the segmentation


citation Ce fût un plaisir de vous avoir en interlocuteur sur ce projet, même dans un domaine inconnu pour vous, vous arrivez à soumettre des idées pertinentes et à cerner les problématiques. citation