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Software in image analysis


This program was made by Mathieu Maurin and me in 2007, during our second year in engineering school at CPE Lyon.

This study involved the creation of a software in C/C++ related to image processing. So we wrote a program with a reliable, robust and user friendly interface.

Besoins :

Petzl wanted to highlight their competitive advantage in the performance of their headlamps. A series of test have been developed and used to control the scope, the luminous flux and intensity profil. In a dark room, an image of the projection of a lamp on a white wall is taken. After treatment, all the necessary information will be computed by Petzl.

Objectifs :

Open the RAW files

Intensity profil

Computation of the range of the beam

Computation of the flow of the beam

Compare the intensity profil

Save the results in a file