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Biotope : flow monitoring of migratory birds


This study was conducted in late 2008 early 2009 during my last year of course at CPE Lyon. Biotope is an environmental consulting firm, leader in the French market, heavily involved in research and development of new innovative tools dedicated to environmental studies. The project is supported by OSEO and ADEME and it consist in monitoring the flow of migratory birds.


Five radars are available in 2009. With a rate of one image per second, hundreds of thousands of images are to be treated. My role was to extract efficiently useful information from the image stream.
The software in written in C/C++ and was developed with native Windows API (win32). This software was written to have the best possible performance with a simple and intuitive graphical user interface.

Objectives :

General GUI of the application

Selection of the images

Fit the radar images

Validation of the data

Computation of the brut activity

Analyse the trajectories

I realized at the end of the study a one-day technical formation with Biotope's engineer in Mèze. (To Montpellier)

citation Vincent Morard a su analyser notre problématique de traitement d'images radar et adapter son travail en conséquence. Prestation technique irréprochable, respect des délais, disponibilité, souplesse et amabilité en font un partenaire privilégié.
Hubert Lagrange - Directeur de recherche - BIOTOPE citation